Hope that helps, -Jonathon — View this message in context: Python — Hz, C — Hz 8 channels: Discover what’s new with Crystal Reports now. Python — Hz, C — Hz 3 channels: Hi Hugo, Thank you for your code sample. Thanks Hugo, The patches to twlmadc.

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All the other ADC float close to zero. Here’s a summary of the sampling rates that we obtained with other channels.

Many signals come directly from the OMAP processor, so you can read about the function by looking at the processor data sheet. Python — Hz, C — Hz 4 channels: Product information for each Overo computer-on-module is posted on their respective product pages at www. After that your demo program worked without a hitch; I applied a voltage to an input and indeed its value changed a good sign, I’d say!

In reply to this post by amenon. Rgds Asoe Protect Your Site and Customers ugmstix Malware Attacks Learn about various malware tactics and how to avoid them.

Hardware/CubeSat Gumstix/Test/ADC – UIT

Full reference information is available in the Signals Document posted on this page. The details of the assignment of signals and pin numbers for each of the two pin connectors are posted in the this page. I am evaluating SBC hardware for a real time multichannel data acquisition systems and I will appreciate if anyone can give me a hint.


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ADC overo 2.6.38-

Discover what’s new with Crystal Reports now. ADCs definitely work correctly on 2. So far, so good. Help with Gumsgix ADC. These pages summarize the connections and interfaces to Overo COM and expansion boards. To assist customers in development of their a custom expansion board s compatible with and driven by an Overo COM, Gumstix makes the schematic of each expansion board available freely and gumstkx cost or licensing fees, via our website at pubs.

gumstjx You also need to enable ADC support in the kernel. Gumstix has posted a series of videos that provides an introduction to the features and set up of several Overo configurations. Won’t have actual speed test results until we get there on our project though, probably a few weeks from now I’m trying to get the ADCs working.


Hi Hugo, Thank you for your code sample. Python — Hz, C — Hz 8 channels: Cheers, Jeff Hugo Vincent wrote.

Help with Overo ADCr. In reply to this post by Hugo Vincent Hi everyone. Note that I haven’t been able to get MADC to work as a kernel module for unknown reasonsso it has to be compiled into the kernel. Python — Hz, C — Hz 3 channels: I’m not able to provide step-by-step instructions for this as I’m using a fairly customized kernel at this point.

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Thanks Hugo, The patches to twlmadc. Basically you need to enable MADC support in your kernel config using make menuconfig, copy.

OpenEmbedded Layer Index – linux-gumstix

This patch implements minimal MADC clock initialization. However, when I provide a voltage 1.

I don’t know if the problem is a general udev issue or something in the madc code that got broken.