We’ve changed, we promise. You can buy all kinds of RAM discs direct from Panasonic at their website: The drive does not support Microsoft’s Mount Rainier technology. Not sure what version but they are pre-formatted with UDF already. Someone else gave me a link to Club Panasonic that has some pretty good prices. They even tell you where the discs are made. The physical features of the drive include the usual front-panel eject button and emergency eject port and, in back, IDE and power connectors, digital and analog audio ports, and drive jumpers.

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The mobile world might finally get exciting again in This is my first post here, but I hope it will be usefull for most of you.

BHA: DVD-RAM Driver Updater supports Windows XP SP2

Online support for the GSAB hadn’t been implemented in time for this review. Another place to check is “www. Can be write-protected in the properties box, so disc can’t accidentally be re-formatted or files deleted.

Not sure what version but they are pre-formatted with UDF already. I chose the drivers with latest date of Exabot [Bot] and 0 guests.


The next few steps: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Fixed the problem where the contextual menu would not display when an MO drive was connected.

Due to an error in our calculations, we originally published slightly innaccurate data-read results in this review. Return to DVD Writers. Companies may claim that people don’t use these features, but we consider it a bit tightfisted to leave them off of a high-ticket item.

DVD-RAM/ Weblinks

Being as the packet writers are really buggy, it’s nice not needing to have them installed. I understand that DVD-RAM has some very good defect management and there are some studies that suggest it might be a more durable technology longevity.

Fixed the problem where the native UDF driver would mount when the drive properties was opened immediately after the disc was loaded while the drive is launching under Ddvd-ram Thanks for the help here. I will write below short tutorial how to make the hack.

I do have a particular project I am doing to archive data and raw video footage and have invested a lot in good DVD-R media and a process for periodically checking the discs.

I would love to get some feedback on this issue, Thanks Ian. Sounds great but lacks vision. The next few steps:.


Unlike many vendors, LG Electronics includes all three of the major installation accessories: My concern is that as far as I can understand InCD is packet writing software. In my cross flashed GWAN, I put in a brand new Panasonic disc in the drive and could copy files to and from it natively without formatting. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted It took us about 10 minutes to install the GSAB–about the dcd-ram time as for any drive. But why no front-panel headphone jack or volume control?

Panasonic DVD-RAM Drivers for UDF

You have to install each application separately, but it’s a fairly quick process. If that works I have even more ddvd-ram for this media now.

Users browsing this forum: The scores have been corrected. You can buy all kinds of RAM discs direct from Panasonic at their website: The GSAB comes with a nice collection of quick-to-install software.